Jan. 4th, 2012

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(Originally posted at LJ on 2012.01.02 @ 03:17)

You know, I think my favourite show out of everything I watch right now is Sherlock. I mean, it's phenomenal. The acting is spot on, the writing is amazing (I actually prefer this project of Moffat's to Doctor Who. I mean, I love Doctor Who, but this is simply better (and shorter, let's not forget shorter, I like the shortness of it). As soon as this season becomes available here though, oh, I will scoop it up and love it some more. I really need to stop watching it when I'm really tired though (I have a habit to, but I love it, and things I love relax me, so in a way it makes sense).

That being said, I stop and re-watch bits, either because I get distracted by the awesome and miss some dialogue (I can't blame this on accents either, happens all the time with things in my own accent as well, English, I do not understand you sometimes), or a scene is just so wonderful and I want to see it again.

Sherlock Series 2 Episode 1 'A Scandal in Belgravia' Spoilers~ )

So, that's just a huge ramble and a half. Seriously though, I recommend the show. It's actually quite good. It has it's problems (all shows have their problems), but it's very enjoyable.


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