Jan. 20th, 2012

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Seeing as I was in DW doing some edits, I'm just going to type this up there. XD Laziness~

So, yesterday I went to get my vehicle fixed, and got it an oil change. I should have done it months ago, okay, well, two months ago, but I kept forgetting, seriously. The other thing I took it in for was my wind shield wiper, as it had been broken for about a year (yes, I'm terrible at this whole owning a vehicle thing). Of course, I'm super nervous and awkward at this kind of thing, I don't know, I just fail at normal things like this. Turns out a high school friend mans the counter there, which made it so much easier on me. Oh Dave, you're still as awesome as you were in high school. It took us both a moment to figure it out though, as I thought I recognised him, but wasn't quite sure (his voice though, that's how I figured it out), and he recognised my last name when I had to give it for information. It was nice meeting him again, really.

And, last, my list of things to buy:
1 Sexy.Honey.Bunny! Con
2 Bari Bari BUDDY!
3 The Sherlock soundtracks


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