Jan. 25th, 2012

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Frankenstein, you'd better be coming to a place two and a half hours away from here. I mean it, or else I will be disappointed and even more bitter. MORE BITTER! Or, well, you know, release it on DVD so I can buy it. (Welcome to, when two things I like combine.) WHICH REMINDS ME! Where did I put my copy of the book? I need to finish that at some point... I keep misplacing it, which just does not work for finishing. Obviously it's the book's fault for not being large and obnoxious.

On the almost topic of DVDs, I'm kind of upset My Life In Film hasn't been released to DVD. I mean, this show, it's hilarious (the first three are my favourite three). On that topic, if you haven't watched it, I'd definitely say you should. I found it amazing (and the only reason I started was because I found the screencaps and gifs amusing). It's all up on YouTube in decent quality if you want to watch (I don't know where there might be a dl).

Episode Reference
Episode 1: Top Gun One Two Three
Episode 2: Rear Window One Two Three
Episode 3: The Shining One Two Three
Episode 4: Shallow Grave One Two Three
Episode 5: One Two Three
Episode 6: Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid One Two Three

It's kind of sad in a way that this show didn't get much attention when it was on. It's pretty darn funny, and it's a shame it only got one series of six episodes.

Nothing much in regards to life is going on. I continue to not head outside all that often, and so, nothing to report. Well, I guess the fact I'm not in the funk I got myself in on Saturday is something to report... I suppose!

Now I just start talking media... No spoilers, just me being weird. Oh, wait, I was already talking media... Rest behind the cut~ )


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