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Hello, hello. So, what has happened recently? Well, for one, I recently quit my job of seven years because of many reasons, one of which is the fact that I was pretty much underpaid (basically, I'm almost positive people who have been there for less time than I had been were getting paid more than me, and others exactly the same, oh yes, experience counts for many things, but apparently it doesn't mean that Ashley gets a fucking raise, ever) and there were many frustrating situations in the past while that I just had enough. Potentially not my greatest decision, because I need a job due to the fact I'll be starting school again next month. Ah, school~ How I've missed you in ways.

Ah, with school means I start French again! Ah, French~ I only know a little of you (though I'm watching a French crime drama right now called Spiral, and aside from the not-so-good dead girl, it's pretty good, and I'm catching more than I thought I would be able to audio wise, though I am using subtitles, I'm trying to pay attention with my ears).I'll have to organise my French learning and my random studying by myself Japanese to different times and such. More things to talk to myself about!

Doctor Who has started again. Every year of Moffat's run at it makes me less excited about it. There are a handful of episodes that have stuck in my mind as fairly decent. Particularly Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger (best non-companion character as of his run, better than the companions actually, I like all of the episodes with Craig, their friendship~), The Doctor's Wife, The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex, and Closing Time (absolutely none of these episodes are Moffat episodes, in fact, I rather dislike most of him episodes in the end, he was much better when he wasn't show runner, and even then, his best was Blink). I mean, I enjoyed the episode as I watched it (Asylum of the Daleks), but in the end, it wasn't that great. On the other hand, looking forward to next week's, because Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

Anyway! Back to Spiral.


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