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Oh gosh, hello again~ I find myself once more glued to my DS and making spreadsheets to track the Pokémon I catch in my games (I'm preparing for the release of Black and White 2, clearly). Pokémon, why so addicting? Either way, I'm accounting for physiological differences, specifically sexual dimorphism of differently Pokémon species. Obsessive? Yeah, a bit. It passes the time though, and stuff.

I randomly met up with a girl I used to work with and her twothree kids. Quite the smart little children, I must say. I ended up just randomly drawing a dolphin for the one, and a dinosaur for the other when he returned from the washroom with him mom. He was giving me those "me too, please" eyes. (A: Would you like a picture too? K: Yes please. A: What would you like? K: A dinosaur. A: What kind of dinosaur? K: A green one! A: Ahh... I don't have any green, we'll just have to pretend it is then. K: Okay.) It was good to see them, as I hadn't in a long while. Her kids are growing up so fast though! (My dolphin loving... Okay, no, not my dolphin loving, but rather my teeth loving side came out when I was talking to them though, because the one who got the dolphin commented that the dinosaur had teeth visible and her dolphin didn't, so I ended up explaining how small dolphin teeth are (she's almost two, so I don't know how much she actually understood, but I drew diagrams), and that dolphins do eat fish (which peaked the interest of the one who got the dinosaur picture.).) I am also now known as "The girl who poked me in the forehead".

I'm really tempted to do GISHWHES this year, because I love this kind of random, but I don't know if I want to go it alone. Anyone else doing it/is interested in doing it? Okay, so I just really want a chance at the grand prize (which if you go and find out what it is and know me well, you'll totally understand*)! *It's a night at a castle in Scotland.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes! Ah, exciting! I'm going to be in school again. I only have class twice this week, and just because, this is my class schedule:

Mon/Wed/Fri 08:30-09:20 Anthropology Social Research Methods I
Mon/Wed 12:40-14:10 Language Introductory French I
Tues 13:40-16:30 Anthropology Human Osteology

So, no classes on Thursday. I look forward to my Thursdays of relaxation. It is the bare minimum of courses for a full time student, yes. This has nothing to do with ~not wanting to put in effort~ either. I'm going to have to make a study schedule though and work it with my teaching myself Japanese.

I was at the public library today. An exciting place, really! The three librarians I've basically known all my life were there today. It was really nice to see them. The one was also commenting to me that they were short staff and could really use some bodies. She also mentioned the fact that there are two student positions available. One in Children's Services, and the other in Adult Services. I did apply for them, because dammit, all those books. *___* I also just happen to love the library in general. Took out Neil Gaiman's Coraline while I was there today, as well as some more comics for my dad and I to read.


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