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Because I want to talk about Iron Man 3. I want to talk about Iron Man 3 so fucking much right now. So, like, serious perfection. I actually agree with people saying it's the best of the three, because I think it is. It was also really ridiculous, as it should be. Ugh, I appreciated all the lack of suit, because I totally don't mind all the RDJ at all. Also, Pepper. Pepper is a fucking badass, and I just love her so much. I cannot. I seriously don't actually know how to express my love of this movie right now. Tony is still an ass and I love him for it, and everything. Ugh. I seriously love what they did with the Mandarin. The humour was on point, straight from the opening with "Blue (Da ba dee)" and just, the humour~ Most of my theatre stayed for the after credits, which was nice. I was happy to see that.

And that's about it. Folks who haven't yet watched it, watch it. It's worth it. Also, this soundtrack. The piece for the ~fun credits~ (Can You Dig It (Click it, you know you want to.)) was seriously, it was so great and fitting, and I really loved the title credits (why, yes, I was aware they were called that, but ~fun credits~ is more fun to say). *-* The humour is also seriously on point.

On another note, this was my first outing to a movie by myself, ever, and it was so great. I might actually just go by myself more often. Fuck going with other people. I can totally deal and I rather liked it, since I could do my own processing on the way home (which was full of squeaks and squeals, and I just, yes).
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